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Sleeping Willow

when the bae is horny but u sleeping

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Name: Sarah (Mommy to Logan) 
Nickname: Lou (by my niece), Ellie (my boyfriend does this to tick me off sometimes lol)
Birthday: May 7th 1992
Gender: Female
Sexuality: I like my men lol 
Height: 5’4
Timezone: Eastern time zone 
Time and date where you are: 7:10 pm August 30th
Average hours of sleep a night: Depends on the night. Lately lucky if I get 2 hours at a time without getting up to pee. 
Last thing you googled: Knowing me, something to do with pregnancy TMI stuff. 
Most used phrase(s): Lame. It’s hot in here (I’m always boiling) 
Last thing you said to a family member: Might be dumb but asking my mom to show me how to take the car seat out of the stroller :$
Place that makes me happy and why: I’ll be really happy when Logan makes his appearance into the world so I know he is finally here. Right now cold showers make me happy cause it cools me down lol  
How many blankets do you sleep with: In the summer, none cause I’m too hot but other times I usually just use two little throw blankets just to cover me cause I end up kicking them off anyways. 
Favorite beverage(s): My favourite thing is a nice cold glass of milk (Not chocolate, not strawberry, regular milk!) and I also like my pop too. 

Last movie you saw in theatres: 22 Jump Street but I really want to see The Fault In Our Stars but I will wait until it comes out on Bluray cause I’ll just end up missing half the movie from going to go pee! 
What can you not live without: My phone, family, Mike (even though he is a major pain in my ass most of the time.) and Logan.
What do you plan on learning: I’m excited to learn how to raise my baby boy as it’s going to be the biggest challenge of my life. 
Piece of advice to your followers: Your past is just a piece of your puzzle. Don’t fixate on it and just live for today with no regrets. 
Other blogs you have: I had a tumblr for my photography pictures and stuff but I don’t remember the password, plus I haven’t taken pictures in awhile :( 

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