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Logan might be home Thursday or Friday please give positive vibes!

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I was discharged from the hospital yesterday but never in a million years did I think that I would be leaving without my baby. Saying bye to him was the hardest thing I ever had to do and I miss him every second I’m here. Logan’s jaundice levels have gone down so his light levels are less intense then they were before and they were going to do another blood draw last night so I am going to call them later this morning to find out if it is still decreasing. He still has the IV for the antibiotics and the results from that test should be in today too. They have started giving Logan his feedings again and I was lucky enough to give him one and cuddle with him before I left the hospital. He drank all his nom noms and did a big burp for mommy. I am so proud of my little man how good he is doing, all I need is for him to come home and be with me! His sugars are pretty much stable now and his breathing is getting way better too. 

I was starting to get discouraged because when I was pumping at the hospital, I wasn’t getting anything just a wet boob but I knew I felt way more comfortable doing it at home and so I decided to try it again and finally got a good amount! I am so happy I finally got some to give to my little guy. Mike and I are going to go up this afternoon when he gets off work so we can see our chunkamonk. 

Also, when I was packing to leave I noticed a familiar face moving into the room across from me which turned out to be my dad’s co-worker’s family who was due October 3rd. I talked to him in the hallway and his son was in the nursery too and that he was only 5 pounds but when I was leaving the hospital I saw my dad talking to him and found out that they have to send their little guy to the children’s hospital because they found 3 things seriously wrong with him :( I’m praying so hard for them because when they had their daughter, they had issues with her too. 

These past couple days have been so emotionally draining, I just want my son home but for now I just got to be thankful that I know he will be okay and that he is getting great care. 

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Awh!! drivesmehazy make me this!!

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Update on Logan

Since I’m taking a break and just trying to not exert myself too much I think I’ll update on Logan. Something in his blood is elevated so he is on antibiotics until his results come back in 2 days. Hopefully he will be cleared then and not have to stay for 7 days. His sugars are stable now it’s just this that popped up now :( It’s so hard not having him in my room with me. I am recovering from a c section and am starting to feel exhausted from going back and forth but that’s the only way I can see my boy. Today I’m just taking it easy so I can get my pain under control while Logan has his IV in him. I realllllly hope this is the last of his problems, I just want to bring my boy home and not have to go home alone. 

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